German Shepherd Found Dumped in a Metal Cage in the Hot Sun with No Food or Water

The cage was so tiny that he couldn't even move an inch.


Mistreating and disrespecting animals is a characteristic of evil individuals who lack compassion and kindness. 

Recently, Enfield police got a call about a German Shepherd locked in a tiny cage left in the hot sun beside a river bank. 

The dog had no place to move and was left without any food or water.  

Officials are trying to track the neglectful owner down and charge him with animal cruelty so in case you have any information regarding the case please contact Officer Ryan at jryan @ or call 860-763-6400 ext. 1414.

No one is sure how long has the dog been in that cage, but it’s certain that if it wasn’t for the people who found him that he would be dead in a couple of days time. 


As for now, he has undergone a medical checkup and is recovering from the trauma he suffered. 

Hopefully, the sweet dog will be put up for adoption soon. 


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