German Shepherd Becomes Friends With Wild Crow

Dogs are our best friends, but do dogs have other buddies too? Well, apparently it can be just about anybody. Judging from the many stories of dogs befriending members of various species, dogs seem to bring out the best in other animals for some reason. And this long list of dog friendships doesn’t just include fellow four-legged animals. This friendly dog has also managed to befriend the most unlikely of our feathered friends: a crow.



Strange best friends

A German Shepherd has found a new friend in the form of a crow. The bird happened to spend its time as a fledgling on his property and, later on, imprinted on the dog. Now, they’re pretty much family.

An animal usually imprints on their parents. Once done, the effect of imprinting is said to last for life.

In this case, the crow seems to have identified with the dogs at the house. It’s speculated that this happened because its real parents went missing during the crucial time in its development.


And being the friendly animals that they are, the dogs of the house didn’t seem to have any problem with welcoming the crow into the family.

The crow and dogs play with each other like siblings would. The bird even teases its buddies by playfully ‘attacking’ them. They even play an inter-species game of ball together.




Crows, being hoarders of buttons, random treasures, and all things shiny, have been known to bring small gifts to the humans they have become friends with.

We’re not sure what treasure they would bring to a dog, but maybe this budding friendship will give us a chance to find out.

Befriending a crow

While Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film ‘The Birds’ may have turned off a lot of people from befriending birds, and especially crows, some people have actually succeeded in forming bonds with the creatures.

In a Pet Helpful blog, writer Joana Fonte recounts the story of how she managed to become friends with the crows near her home. Joana recalls first being interested in the birds when she noticed them curiously watching her children as they played outside.

Since then, she has made it a mission to befriend the birds. Through a lot of trial and error, she has discovered that the fastest way to get on a crow’s good side is through food. Who doesn’t like a tasty treat?


Getting attached

Aside from crows, dogs have also managed to make companions out of other kinds of birds.

Case in point is this cute puppy who found an unusual playmate in a magpie. The buddies get along amazingly. They typically spend their time playing together in the dog’s sunny backyard. It’s always nice to have someone to hang out with.


While it remains unclear whether the magpie is just visiting or has really become part of the family, it isn’t really unheard of for magpies to get attached to people they like. They can be really sociable if you happen to be one of their chosen friends.

Some birds find a dog or person they like and keep coming back to visit.

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