Cops Use Taser at Terrified Runaway Dog and Arrest Woman Who Protests at the Brutal Scene

The poor dog was terrified and in pain as the cops wouldn't stop using Taser at him even after they caught him.  


A woman from Roseville adopted a dog recently but the pup somehow managed to flee the yard. She was scared for the little soul because she knew the neighborhood was a new place for him and he could easily get lost or hurt. So, she called the police to help her track the dog down, but little did she know that the cops who responded at her call would be the ones hurting the poor dog.

Namely, the cops were told very clearly that the dog doesn’t bite but may bark on them, but they didn’t really care. To everyone’s surprise, one of the police officers used a Taser against the puzzled dog repeatedly, and he wouldn’t stop even after the dog was caught.

That hurt the animal so much that it collapsed.

A woman who witnessed the brutal scene and tried to intervene by yelling at the officers to stop hurting the dog was arrested.

Some say that the cops didn’t know how to handle the situation properly and that animal services should have been contacted instead. But others say how what the cops showed was pure brutality and abuse.

Luckily, the dog is now doing fine but vets believe he might be left traumatized for life.

You can take a look at the actual video below but have in mind it involves scenes that many viewers can find disturbing.


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