Blind Puppy Shaking From Hunger Roamed Back and Forth but People Just Passed Her By

The puppy wandered back and forth the busy road struggling to find food using her little nose.


This world can be a scary place when you are tiny and vulnerable because not everyone who sees that you are in trouble and struggling is willing to lend you a helping hand.

A video of a blind and vulnerable puppy wandering the busy streets trying to locate some food using her nose was posted on YouTube and it broke the hearts of many. The person who filmed it and posted it online wrote the following caption:

It’s heartbreaking a poor little soul found on a street, starving and sick alone overlooked by everyone. She is around three months old, she was in pain, loneliness and suffered enough in her young life.”

Number of passersby have seen the poor soul but obviously not many stopped to take her to a safe place or give her food or water.



She is malnourished, she is sick because she spent life without shelter, no proper food and very helpless. Someone found her in her horrible condition when she tried to cross the street to something to eat.”

The puppy, which was just three months old, was starving. Her bones could be seen through her skin.

Thankfully, this amazing man couldn’t leave her there so he approached her and offered some meat.

Having a meal after so long felt incredible. The pup was overly excited and started wagging her tiny tail.

Her rescuer, who is now her forever human daddy, took her for a check up where he was told that the damage suffered on the dog’s eyes was permanent.

If it wasn’t for this noble man no one knows what would have happened to the lovely dog.

Take a look at the video below for the whole story.

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