Man Purposely Ran Over Girlfriend’s Puppy With His Truck 5 Times Til She Died

After searching for an animal abuser for an entire year, officers finally tracked him down and arrested him.    


In April 2019, John Smith told his girlfriend he was out looking for her missing 12-week-old Pit Bull puppy, Shelby. However, surveillance cameras from a nearby warehouse caught him running over the puppy with his truck.


Smith let the dog out of his truck and turned around to follow her. Once she walked in front of his vehicle, he hit the gas and ran her over. He then put the truck in reverse and drove over her a second time.

As the injured puppy laid against a curb, Smith made a u-turn, aimed his truck at her, and hit her again.

He hit her a total of four to five times, sadly killing her.


The day after the surveillance footage was given to Animal Law Enforcement, Shelby’s owner came into the police department to report her dog missing.

Officers then realized it was the same dog from the video and showed the owner. The woman confirmed that it was her boyfriend, John smith’s truck.

Animal Law Enforcement worked together with Colorado Springs Police for more than a year, trying to track down Smith.

He was recently arrested, but has since bonded out of jail.

H/T to KKTV.



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